First time buying a home? Here's our Top 7 Tips for you! 

1. Working with the right Agent matters and sets the stage for your entire home buying experiences. Our team will give you the professional guidance while still making it a fun experience, which it's supposed to be!  

2. Start off by getting your pre approval HERE. Being prepared and knowing exactly where you stand is key for a successful home purchase. 

3. Location, location location... What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? Schools, amenities, demographics. Find out what means the most to you and let us go to work in finding it! 

4. Now that you found your community, let's take a look at the layout of your home. The most common style of homes in Calgary are bungalows, 2 storey, 4-level splits and bi-levels. What's most practical for you? 

5. Knowing the costs of purchasing a home. Lawyer fees and the home inspection are the most common fees. We work with leading industry professionals and can help find the right fit for you. 

6. Negotiating can be intimidating. Having us come up with the right strategy for you, will give you an edge whether buying or selling. Purchase price, possession dates, deposits and conditions are top of mind during all negotiations. 

7. Closing Day! Congratulations on your new home. Prior to your possession, our team will send you a Move-In Checklist. This will ensure a smooth transition for you and make for a memorable experience!