1. Get in good financial shape

Talk with a mortgage broker to get your pre approval before beginning your searches. Besides being prepared financially, you'll know exactly what type of property you can search for by having your budget in hand. If you do not have a mortgage broker. Visit our financing page to meet Tracy and Josh.

2. Know thy neighbour-hood 

Where you live matters. Why do we want to live in a specific community is a question we all should ask ourselves before moving. Buying your new home should match the lifestyle that you plan to have. Amenities, commutes and school districts are often overlooked. Something to always keep top of mind. 

3. Don't fall for love at first site

Tour a minimum of three homes and keep a list, make sure the home ticks off several boxes on your wish list. Don't let the aesthetics fool you. Get the home you need. 

4. Location location location

It's a common term in Real Estate and it's still the top criteria to keep in mind. Finding a home, condo or investment property in a desireable location will benefit you in the future, especially on the investment side. 

5. The Layout

When your searching for a home. The layout is next on the list after location. Most homes layouts cannot be changed and it's worth while to find a home that fits your lifestyle when it comes to finding the right layout for you. 

6. Home inspection?

Home inspections are a small cost when it comes to your peace of mind. Sellers are typically willing to help cover the cost of any repairs and at TheCRET, we always ensure that the offer is dependent upon inspection.

7. Proper representation

This might sound biased coming from a Realtor. Having proper representation is the key to ensuring you have a great experience with your home searches and the purchase. A knowledgeable Realtor to lean on for ideas and advice over the years, will add value to your real estate plans. Whether your buying, selling or investing. Make a plan and execute it with the right team. 

Written by Adam Sharek with