The Calgary Real Estate Team understands that your Home will often be the most significant purchase of your life. Our Team understands how substantial a decision it purchase a home. As such it’s key to find a “Team” or “Agent” that you can trust to assist you during the buying process. Our agents take the time to understand your values and will be a fundamental teammate in the search for the perfect home.

From discovering the house to negotiating your purchase, our agents will play a pivotal role in all aspects of the home buying process. Our Team works to establish friendly, positive relationships with our clients, so that they can put their faith in our ability to provide you with the best service

Areas The Calgary Real Estate Team Specialize in

• Locating the house. With an expanding online listings database, it’s simple for most to go on the Internet and start searching for homes of interest. If you are having difficulties with your search, or trouble finding an exact vision for what you want, we can help. Accessing the very best industry technologies, we are able to help you find the perfect home before it hits the public MLS.

• Informed on latest market conditions. The Calgary market is constantly shifting, due to many economic factors, seasonal inventory, community desirability and more. We will talk you through the market conditions and give you a better sense of what your budget should be. Evaluating along the way, your property suitability.

• Negotiations The constant changes of todays market means that there is always room for negotiating when you buy a property. Once you’ve decided on a house you love, we will assist with negotiations between you and the seller. Our job is to successfully negotiate for you, the best price and terms for your values, all in a timeframe that you specify. With our knowledge of the market and our experience in purchasing and selling we are sufficiently equipped to negotiate for you.

• Personal Engagement: Understanding the market before you buy a property is imperative. Equally important, is having an understanding of your values. The Calgary Real Estate Teams first steps with all clients is to sit down and have a discussion to find the Values of importance. What is your lifestyle? What does the “perfect” home look like? Do you expect your values to change in the coming years? What is your budget? By asking you questions like these, we can help you get a better sense of what your dream home should will look like. Cient satisfaction is vital to our Team. We strive to create long lasting client relations and your referrals are our way of knowing we have done right for you, our client.

• Investment Properties: Our agents have extensive experience in the investment world of Real Estate. Including positive Cash-Flow Rentals, Multi-Family Residential, Land Acquistion, and Commercial Businesses Opportunities, The Calgary Real Estate Team will help you find the Perfect Investment.

The Calgary Real Estate Team knows the importance of an industry professional with all property acquisitions and strives to satisfy the wants and needs of our Buying and Selling clients. With decades of experience in the Calgary Market, The Calgary Real Estate Team will guarantee your satisfaction.